Sunday, 06 October 2019

LOVE “in Christ”

Ephesians 3:14-21

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth

Prayer #1: ROOTED in Christ’s LOVE

We are either producing good fruit or bad fruit. If we are a Christian, we will get tired of producing self-centered fruit because our life will feel empty and full of frustration. When we are praying, we must remember that:

  • My roots determine my fruit.

Prayer #2: SECURE in Christ’s LOVE

One of the main reasons people drift from a close relationship with God is that they do not comprehend how full of grace God is and how He longs to forgive us and cleanse us from any sin we commit. Because God loves us, there is nothing that can separate us from Him. When we are praying, we must remember that:

  •  My security rests in His presence.

Prayer #3: POWER in Christ’s LOVE

Have you ever said “amen” and yet doubt that anything will change? Do you genuinely believe that God is able to do the impossible? Somehow, Christ’s love inside of us gives us the faith we need to move mountains. When we are praying, we must remember that:

  • My God cannot be confined to my imaginary box.
  • Let God out of your box!

Personal and Group Study

Getting Started

1. Discuss the difference between the world’s version of love and the love of Christ. If someone asked you to describe the love of Christ, how would you describe it?

Digging Deeper

2. Someone who is rooted in love produces the kind of fruit seen in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Ask yourself if the fruits found in this chapter are on the branches of your life.  Is the Holy Spirit asking you to focus on a weak area of your life?

3. Read about all the times God promises to His children that His presence will remain with them, that He will fight for them, and that He will be a refuge for them (Gen. 28:15; Ex. 14:13-14; Deut. 33:27; Psalm 16:8; 23:4; 32:7; 46:1-2; 91:1-2; Prov. 18:10; Isaiah 41:10; 43:1-3; John 10: 28-29; Heb. 13:5-6).

4. Do you truly believe that nothing is impossible for God? Allow these verses to build your faith in our miracle working God (Luke 1:37; 18:27; Matthew 17:20; 19:26; Mark 9:23; 10:27; Jeremiah 32:17; Genesis 18:14; Philippians 4:13). When doubt starts to come into your mind, focus on these truths.

Applying the Bible

5. Do you need to open up your imaginary box and let God out? What step can you take this week to show God that you are giving Him complete control over your life and you will watch Him work in ways that you didn’t even know were possible?

6. Are you full of Christ’s love? What must happen for you to allow “Christ to dwell in your heart through faith”? How can you be “filled with the fullness of God”? How much time will you spend this week resting in the presence of Jesus?