Sunday, 24 November 2019

MARRIAGE “in Christ”

Ephesians 5:21-33

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth

Two Different CYCLES of MARRIAGE

The two most powerful words for a marriage are love and respect. If love and respect is found in a marriage, the couple will experience great joy and harmony. As a husband and wife, you must be determined to live in the Christ-like cycle of marriage.

  • Destructive Cycle:
    • Without love, she reacts with disrespect; Without respect, he reacts with a lack of love.
  • Christ-like Cycle:
    • His love motivates her to respect him; Her respect motivates him to love her.


Godly marriages are the best picture of Christ’s love for His church.  This is the main reason why Satan spends so much time attacking marriages. He wants to destroy the beautiful display of selfless love and mutual devotion.  Knowing all of this, what is the best step we can take as a husband or wife to protect our relationship?

  • The spouse who pursues God pulls the marriage into oneness.

PRAYING for My SPOUSE “7 powerful prayers”

Monday (husbands and wives, pray this…)

God, I repent of the times I complain about my spouse’s shortcomings. Help me be thankfully focused on his or her strengths. Allow my words to be affirming and encouraging.

Tuesday (wives, pray this…)

Shape my attitude to allow my husband to lead our family in a God-honoring way. Give me the strength so I can respect my husband even when he doesn’t deserve it.

Wednesday (husbands, pray this…)

God, I pray that my wife is more like Christ because of me, and not in spite of me. Let her be a better woman and a better mother because of my leadership. Make my leadership self-sacrificing, not self-serving.

Thursday (husbands, pray this…)

Help me to love my wife as my own body. Show me ways that I can care for her as I do myself. Give me natural ways to effectively express my love for her this week.

Friday (husbands and wives, pray this…)

Grow within me a burning passion for my spouse. Inspire me to treat my spouse the same way I did when we were dating and when we were first married. Rebuke my tendency to allow my love and respect to grow old, stale, and cold.

Saturday (husbands and wives, pray this…)

God, I want to be close to you. Show me your presence. Let me see your heart. Help me to see how sacred my relationship is with you and how  sacred my relationship is with my spouse. Give me the eyes to see how wonderful the privilege of marriage is on this earth.