Sunday, 22 December 2019

The Glory of God

Luke 2:1-20

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth


Sometimes at Christmas, it is easy to focus on family traditions, decorations, and presents, while completely forgetting what the focus of Christmas should be: Jesus. Therefore, the entire sermon will concentrate on who Jesus is to us. Luke 2:11 contains three key terms about who Jesus is to us and it is the only time in the entire Bible that these three terms appear together. That is significant!

  • Jesus is our Lord.
    • (Leader-King)
  • Jesus is our Messiah.
    • (Christ-Shepherd)
  • Jesus is our Savior.
    • (Deliverer-Rescuer)


Everyone who heard about or interacted with this baby responded in a  similar way. When the shepherds, townspeople and even Mary started to grasp who this baby was, the reaction was full of worship.

  • Astonishment arises when Jesus is born in our hearts.

Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1. When was Jesus born in your heart? When was that time in your life that you surrendered and made Jesus the Savior, Messiah, and Lord of your life? Share your salvation story.

Digging Deeper

2. The people were “astonished.” Read through these passages that contain the same word used in Luke 2:18 (Matthew 8:27; 9:33; 15:31; 21:20; 27:14). Discuss the connection here of how Jesus proves, through these miracles, that He is God.

3. The angels were not a choir, but a heavenly host (1 Kings 22:19). There was a battle in the spirit realm the night Jesus was born. Could Revelation 12:1-5 be referring to the Christmas story? Is the pregnant woman really Mary? Is the dragon really Herod? Remember, our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against evil, invisible forces (Ephesians 6). Study how Mary and Joseph “stood firm” during this time and even how they fled from evil when they went to Egypt.

4. “Savior” is used in the Old Testament to describe a deliverer from enemies (Judges 3:9,15; 12:3; Nehemiah 9:27). Its primary reference is to God who delivers from various types of trouble (Deuteronomy 20:4; Joshua 22:22; Psalm 24:5). Has God delivered you from different circumstances in your life?

Applying the Word to Life

5. When is the last time you have been astonished at Jesus? The secret is to be more aware of Him in your life. Spend time with Him this week without interruptions.

6. Do you like that Jesus is your savior, but you have not really made Him your Lord? What step do you need to take for Jesus to become the leader-king of your life?