Sunday, 30 September 2018

The Transcendence of God

Pastor Jeremy Helmuth


Ezekiel saw a vision of living creatures with four different types of faces. These creatures represent everything living: humanity, the wild beasts, the tame beasts, and the birds of the air. As Ezekiel is watching these creatures, He noticed that their will was to follow after God’s spirit. This is how God intended. What does that teach us about ourselves?

  • God created you to follow His spirit.


Ezekiel saw a vision of the God of the universe. In this vision, God showed Ezekiel His glory. In order to truly know God, we must start with understanding the glory of God. What is the glory of God and how should we respond when we comprehend His glory?

  • God has created an expanse between us.
  • God is a consuming fire.
  • God has an appearance like a rainbow.
  • God’s glory forces us to fall facedown.

Study and Discussion Questions

Getting Started

1. How do we balance the tension of God as holy (Isaiah 6:3) and God as our friend (John 15:15)? Both of these are true, and yet we all tend to lean closer towards one of them. How do you interact with God? Are you able to navigate this tension?

Digging Deeper

2. Read 1 Corinthians 3:10-15. On the Day of Judgment, everything we have ever done or said will be revealed with fire. Certain things will last, while others will burn away. When is the last time you have taken time to reassess whether or not you are focusing on eternal purposes? Have you thought deeply about what will last beyond this earth?

3. Read Genesis 9:12-17. Why do you think God used the phrase “My rainbow” and not just “the rainbow” in verse 13? Does the radiance of God’s appearance show itself in the form of a rainbow? What promises of God are found in the covenant sign of a rainbow? What promise do you need to hang onto?

4. It appears that certain creatures were created with the purpose of always following the spirit of God. Were Adam and Eve created with the purpose of always following the spirit? Sin changed that perfect connection with God. How do we, in our fallen state of sin, still follow the spirit on a daily basis?

Applying the Word to Life

5. Does it feel like God is judging you with fire right now? What is your posture? Do you think that God is punishing you, or do you know that God loves you and wants to refine you? What area of your life is God purifying? Do you sense that you are fighting Him in this area? What should you do in order to surrender to His mighty hand in your life?